BALI MOUNTAIN RESORT MONTENEGROMontengro - presents the pric of overnight stays in rooms, presidential suite and bungalows.

1. Single room for 1 person is 40 euro

2. Double room for 2 persons is 60 euro,

3. Triple room for 3 people is 80 euro,

4. A quadruple room for 4 people is 100 euro.

5. Presidential suite with a privates pacenter with an indoor pool and sauna,
, the price for two people is 200 euro, for three people 300e, for four 400e, for five 450 euro and for 6 people the price is 500 euro

6. Family bungalow for two people is 80 euro, and for three people is 100 euro.

These prices includes breakfast and theu seof apriva teterm lasting one hour in the Spa center,
which includes an indoor pool and sauna (if notprivate lyrented in the Presidential Suite) ,
as well as the use os ports fields and outdoor pool!

7. Daily rest in standard rooms costs 30 euro for two people for 4 hours, with out the use of   facilities,
,without breakfast and without swimmingpool and sauna!!!

8.A private termin the SPA center, which includes private using an doorpool and sauna for 2 hours is 30 euro for two people
, for 4 people is 60 euro, for 6 persons is 90e!You can rent private aSpa for several hours and there can be more people!